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Discussion Question – Primary post due tuesday by 11:55 pm EST

Primary Task Response:Within the Discussion area, write a 200-300-word response to the following:

Julius Caesar used one of the earliest known cipher systems to communicate with Cicero in Rome while he was conquering Europe.  Caesar knew that there was a very high risk of ambush or spies when sending messages; therefore, he developed a cryptographic system now known as the Caesar cipher.  Please provide a detailed response to the below to include specific details and examples.

  1. What is the Caesar ROT3 Cipher?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Although the Caesar cipher is easy to use, it is easy to crack.  How would an attacker break a Caesar-style cipher? 

Try your hand!

1.  Encrypt the below message using the Caesar ROT3 cipher.


2.  Decrypt the below message using the Caesar ROT3 cipher.


3.  Create a cipher of your own and see who can crack it!  Toward the end of the week, provide the solution to your cipher.


Learning Materials and References (posted by prof)

Required Resources Textbook(s) Required: 

  • Oriyano, Sean-Philip. Cryptography Infosec Pro Guide. McGraw-Hill Education, 2013. 

Recommended Materials/Resources 

Please use the following author’s names, book/article titles, Web sites, and/or keywords to search for supplementary information to augment your learning in this subject. 

  1. Harris, Shon. All in One CISSP Exam Guide, Sixth Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2013.  
  2. Paar, Christof, Pelzl,Jan and Preneel, Bart. Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners. Springer Publishing, 2010.
  3. Rhodes-Ousley, Mark. The Complete Reference to Information Security, Second Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2013.
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