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Exhibit texts: (a) Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction and (b) your choice of any work of literary journalism.

• PROMPT: Connect The Sixth Extinction (perhaps a particular chapter or two) to a work

of literary journalism published since 2014 (this included Richardson’s “The Ballad of a

Sad Climatologist” and Schultz’s “The Really Big One”) and ground your argument in

the history and characteristics of the form.

• Regardless of your paper’s content you are required to incorporate appropriate

engagements with (and proper citations of) Background sources, Exhibit sources, and

Argumentative sources as follows:

• At least three academic sources—two of which must be peer reviewed academic

articles (Argument).

• Multiple background sources including reviews, works of journalism, and

historical contexts to situate your argument (Background)

• Sufficient amount of direct quotes and references to text(s) (Exhibit)

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