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Students will write 400-800 words describing a problem they would like to focus on for their Strategic Thinking Project. The following headings and sections should be included:

  • Describe the Problem
  • Why the Issue is Important
  • The Larger Strategic Issues Associated with the Problem 


  • People don’t get paid equitably
  • Chronic quality problems
  • Low employee morale
  • Don’t use any of these examples

This week’s assignment should have:

  • at least one particularly insightful and relevant quotation/citation/reference (QCR) of 6-30 words (no more and no less) from a reputable source.

Quotations/citations/references should be properly cited using APA 6th edition writing style requirements. NOTE: You should skillfully integrate your quotation into the content of the paper.

Here are some notes on reputable sources:

  • Great: Drawn from journals and reputable sources like HBR
  • Good: Materials from well-recognized magazines and papers such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TIME, etc.
  • Adequate: From most magazines or websites
  • Poor: Old or obscure sources
  • Not acceptable: Crowd-sourced sources such as Wikipedia

This assignment should be created in a Microsoft word.doc file at attached to your submission on or before the due date.

Make sure to:

  • Follow APA 6th edition formatting
  • Include the  word count at the bottom of the paper
  • Submit your assignment as  an attached word.doc. No other format (.wps, .pdf, etc.) will NOT be accepted
  • Complete your  assignment  on time or you will lose 20% per day
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