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“Policy-making and its subsequent implementation is necessary to deal with societal problems.” (Janssen, 2015)

“Policy-making is driven by the need to solve societal problems and should result in interventions to solve these societal problems.”  (Janssen, 2015)

“Examples of societal problems are unemployment, pollution, water quality, safety, criminality, well-being, health, and immigration.”  (Janssen, 2015)

The author of chapter 1 discusses several developments that influence policy-making.  Select one of the developments in chapter 1 and describe how that development can influence policy to solve a specific problem.

You must do the following:

1) Create a discussion with 300 words and 3-4 citations.wih APA style format paper. As indicated above,  select one of the developments in chapter 1 and describe how that development can influence policy to solve a specific problem.

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