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The Apple Corporation Essay


The majority of organisations enjoy enormous success as a result of integrating value supply chains in order to satisfy their customers’ needs, enhance their customer’s values, and improve their supply chain.

Effective management of the supply chain is one of main keys to the success of organisations. This paper seeks to examine how the supply chain has been used by successful organisations to enhance their customer values.

Section I

Apple Corporation Overview

Leadership styles are extremely influential in the management of any business. The Apple Corporation has used and adopted unique leadership styles.

They include planning and organizing, designing and structuring the organisation, managing change in the organisation, human resource management, understanding and encouraging team work, motivating and rewarding employees, communication and interpersonal skills, controlling the link function and ensuring total quality management and productivity.

All these functions of leadership can be enveloped into planning functions, staffing functions, organizing functions, and controlling functions. A planning function is a function that involves drawing up a map that will help to achieve the goal.

An organizing function is possible only after a plan has been laid down. This function helps a manager to organize the team easily in order to achieve desired goals. A staffing function defines all the aspects that relate to the staff or employees. This function involves training the staff, recruiting the staff, and developing their education levels or skill levels. A leading function involves more than just a plan.

It involves communicating, motivating, encouraging, and guiding. This way, the leader is in charge of the company and all the aspects that can relate to the employees. Controlling, on the other hand, involves continuous checking. The leader needs to check continuously results and goals.

If the results are short of the goals, then the leader should look for a solution to improve the situation. In this regard, leaders have control over the solutions after the continuous checking of the results.

Operation Strategy at the Apple Corporation

The Apple Corporation uses an employee empowerment operational strategy. The leadership in the Apple Company has not only empowered the staff and employees, but also has helped to motivate an employee in order to achieve the goals of the Apple Company. The question arouses about the type of the leadership, i.e. whether the leadership has been transactional, transformational, or both.

Transformation leadership is a method or process that influences its followers by transforming and changing them into agents of the collective goal achievement, thus making them overcoming their personal concerns. On the other hand, transactional leadership is based on the fact that employees get motivated through the system of reward and punishment.

In view of the above, the leadership of the Apple Corporation has been both transactional and transformational in the achievement of goals. So, it is worth finding out how the ladder fulfills its functions. The ladder is particularly valuable since it defines duties and responsibilities of the staff and employees ranging from the management to the lower cadre employees.

The leadership of the Apple Corporation has used the “best to best” method in order to communicate the vision of the company to the employees. This way, the leader has been able to communicate the goals and ensure that each employee understood and was aware of the goals of the company. The “best of the best” method is a highly effective and efficient method that ensures that the goals get communicated to the appropriate leaders.

The Apple Corporation Business Strategy

The control of a company relies on the business strategy of the leadership. The business strategy in this case involves checking the goals against the results. If the results do not reflect the goals of the company, then resolutions are made in order to achieve these results.

The ways of controlling a company include: defining the structure and organisation design, looking into the financial output, and identifying the behavioral organisation and cultural reward systems. These ways will not only help to control the company. It will also help to come up with resolutions if the results do not reflect the goals set by the company. This way, the company has a clear picture of the results and resolutions.

Impact of Business Strategy on the Apple Corporation Operations

Business strategies help to deal with recession impacts, public presence, human capital, marketing, corporate strategies, governance, and other business domains. In this case, business strategies help to shape the company’s operations and position in the business in order to operate in the competitive environment.

Brand marketing, product management, and other traditional marketing approaches are some of the strategic marketing methods that can be applied to enhance customer values in the organisation. It simply means that the creation of customer satisfaction and customer value is a highly significant aspect that brands the organisation for success.

It enhances a paradigm shift that impacts brand investment and customer satisfaction values. Branding and positioning the organisation is a remarkably effective tool that helps to align and link key processes in the organisation.

The most successful organisations have used chain supply in an attempt to develop a management frame work that has the primary goal of delivering customers value, creating the flow of values within the organisation, ensuring efficient production and operational processes, creating the driven demand by working closely with suppliers, developing close relationships with customers and suppliers, developing long term relationships with suppliers, and ensuring the delivery efficiency.

It simply means that the most effective foundation of the successful organisation is to achieve the value chain visibility as a formula to provide a mechanism to enhance customer value, maintain a close network with the suppliers, and meet all the customers’ demands.

It is necessary to note that in order to ensure the delivery of the customer value by organisational branding and positioning the most successful organisations have aligned the core organisation processes in order to develop unique customer values.

This way, leadership styles perform extremely vital functions in the management that the Apple company uses effectively in order to achieve its goals. The business strategies deal with issues that help to control business operations and in this case the Apple Corporation.

Custom Writing Service for Doing Project On Essays
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