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Extra Credit- Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women It’s a Men’s Issue

Purpose: This extra credit assignment (receive up to 7 points) is designed for students to understand the complexity of intimate partner violence and the role of gender plays in partner violence.

Task: Students will need to view the following film (click on title): Violence Against Women It’s a Men’s Issue If you are not able to access the film, please use the following link: https://allaplusessays.com/order

Students will need to respond the following questions based on the film:

1. According to the film explain why it is problematic to refer to gender violence as awomen’s issue.

2. Explain the bystander approach. Discuss the purpose of the bystander approach.3. Explain the difficulties in changing the ideas about male socialization (think about

aspects of socialization, especially gender socialization).4. Explain why it appears that when men speak out or join the movement against gender

violence, they receive a lot of recognition for the work and the awareness they bring togender violence. However, women have been doing this is work for long periods of timeand receive only moderate recognition.

5. Why was it important for Jackson Katz to illustrate the power of language using thefollowing sentence “John beat Mary”, think about how Jackson Katz changes of thesentence.

a. What happens to the focus on John?b. What does the changing the sentence illustrate?c. According to the film, explain victim blaming and provide examples of

victim blaming.d. According to the film, explain ways to avoid victim blaming.

Criteria for Success: Students will need to:

• Respond to all questions in complete sentences.

• Number each response (you do not need to re-write the question)

• Submit assignment by due date extra credit is not accepted late

• Submit the assignment using the following steps:

• Save assignment as word document file (either on your computer or thumbdrive) please do not use pages format–as I cannot access this format

• Go to Browse My Computer–after you have open this find your saved file

• Upload the file

• Once you have uploaded your file you will need to click submit in order to submit the assignment.

Please do not use the comment box to submit your assignment.

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