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You will examine a news report on scientific studies of the Colorado River water crisis. We will follow the same approach and the same questions that you learned to use in the Science Tool Kit activities in previous modules. In this assignment, you will take these questions and create an essay in which you can show your ability to more deeply examine the problem and the reporting, as well as the science behind the news story.

First, read:

  • Davis, T. (2015, September 13). Study: . Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ).
  • Katel, P. (2011, December 9). . CQ Researcher, 21, 1025-1048.
  • Zielinski, S. (2010) . Smithsonian Magazine


  • Smithsonian Institute  [Video, 03:08 mins]
  • Liquid assets:  [Video, 42:49 mins]. (2010). In Films On Demand. Retrieved June 13, 2016

Next, submit the following:

You will write an essay of 1000+ words (4 pages), not including a title page and a reference page. 

  1. What is the source of the scientific information in the Arizona Daily Star article by Tony Davis?
  2. Discuss the expertise of the scientists (and others) involved in the study discussed by Davis.
  3. What alternative views does Mr. Davis discuss? What do these viewpoints say in contrast to the initial study he examined in his article? Would you say, based on this information, that the study examined by Mr. Davis is accurate, reliable, and unbiased?
  4. Compare and contrast the information in this Arizona Daily Star article with the information in the module readings and any additional material you may have found about this complex issue. Where does the Daily Star article agree and disagree with your other sources, and why?
  5. Who are the major stakeholders in the conflicting demands on the Colorado River source? Does Mr. Davis discuss them all fairly? Is one group overlooked; if so, who, and what is their interest in the Colorado River water?
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