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Have a look at the list of possible Poster Topics (attached) or think of your own topic that you would like to know more about by the end of this class. 

Pick out a few topics of interest and search the web to see which  have information that will be easily accessed to be able to make a  poster for this class. 

Note that it would also be fine to  use the textbook and the class lecture slides to explain the topics we  are covering in lecture if that is the content you find most  interesting.

Once you narrow your ideas down to one topic, let the Lab Instructor  know to make sure the topic is not already being covered by too many  other people in the lab.  Then Reply to this post with:

  1. The overall question or topic, with a 100 – 200 word overview of why this topic is interesting ( 2 points) and how it relates to this class. ( 2 points)
  2. At least 2 weblinks or references covering different aspects of the issue with:
    • 5 (or more) Bullet Points per weblink/ reference. ( 5 points  each)
  3. At least one Science Figure(s) from one of the weblinks /references (or Lecture!) 
    • explain how the figure is related to your topic. ( 4 points)

“Notice:  I understand that my paper will  be checked via Turnitin for any potential unoriginal text compared  to multiple sources including the Internet, many print journals, and the  database of other papers submitted in this and previous versions of  this class”

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