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Topic Selection

You should pick something that your audience will be interested in. Find creative ways to relate that topic to the audience. Explain why this topic is important to us and why we would care about it. What is the value to us?

What do you want us to believe or do? Why should we agree with you or think like you? Also, pick something

you actually care about. The more passionate you feel about the topic—the better you will speak about it!

Introduction & Conclusion

Remember, a strong introduction is a MUST. It helps “set up” the speech and grabs our attention. Make sure

you establish common ground with the audience, state your credibility, preview your main points and state your

thesis. Your conclusion should be as dramatic and memorable as the beginning of your speech. Don’t

forget to “Signal” the end of the speech, review your main points, and finish with a strong, memorable

closing. Remember the things you need to do to start and end your speech.

Order of Main Points

In order for your speech to be effective, the audience needs to follow along and understand your Main Points.

You need to pick an organizational pattern and organize your outline accordingly. (Problem-Solution; Problem-

Cause-Solution; Comparative Advantages; Monroe’s Motivated Sequence) Follow this pattern to explain your

points throughout the speech. Remember, to use transitions and connective throughout speech so that we can

follow along and easily remember your main ideas.

Sincerity & Conviction to Persuade us

If you are trying to persuade, then you must believe your own ideas. This speech requires you to “sell” your ideas

to us. You need to some energy, enthusiasm and conviction. If you appear bored or reluctant, your audience will

be also. Be creative and get excited about your topic. Remember, you are persuading us…you want us to do

something or believe something; you want to change our minds and attitudes…that requires hard work and

sincerity. Believe your own ideas and we will too!

you must hand in a SPEAKING outline and works cited page

works cited page should be in MLA or APA format and you should have at least 5 sources.

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