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Proposal for improved Healthcare Research based on the modern technologies at AHRQ

The Agency for Healthcare Research Quality is a federal agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services that has the responsibility of ensuring that there is improved superiority, safety, competence and efficacy in the delivery of healthcare services and medical research. This is in accordance with the mission of the organization. In addition, the AHRQ provides research information that helps in the making of good decisions with the main objective of improving the quality and delivery of healthcare services.
Proposal name: proposal for improved research that is based on current technological trends at AHRQ
Identified Need
Medical research is an important factor that determined the effectiveness and quality of healthcare delivery; as such, it requires taking into consideration the important role that technology plays during medical research and delivery of medical care. Therefore, the aim of this proposal is to facilitate the implementation of modern technology in the field of medical research and efficient and timely availability of medical information to the various healthcare delivery professionals. The present healthcare delivery platform and research frameworks have not adequately implemented modern technologies. In addition, the current medical professionals are not conversant with the role that technology plays in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of medical research and healthcare delivery.
The project will basically entail the acquisition of modern medical technology equipment for both research and medical services delivery purposes. The equipment acquisition is a significant milestone for the project. The next phase of project implementation will significantly entail detailed training of medical personnel regarding the use of the acquired medical technology equipment. The main focus will be centered on the aspect of information availability by the medical personnel and improve the quality of medical research (Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, 2011). After detailed training, the effectiveness of the program will be evaluated depending on the positive outcomes. It is anticipated that the program will experience a tremendous expansion during the first five years of operation. This will be achieved using rigorous campaigns to that will be aimed at targeting the private sector in the medical industry.
First Year Costs
The following table 1 represents the First Year Cost associated with the implementation of the proposed program.
particulars Cost (USD) Description
Acquisition of medical research technology equipments such as MRI sand CAT scans 300,000 This will be costs associated with the procurement and purchasing of modern technology equipments for medical research.
Computer systems for Health Information Technology 150,000 This will facilitate the timely and efficient delivery of medical information to the practitioners in order to improve the quality of healthcare delivery
Implementation and training 100,000 This will entail costs associated with carrying out comprehensive training of the practitioners regarding the use of technology in medicine
Operational costs 50,000 Involves the costs associated with ensuring that the project is running in accordance to the anticipated goals and objectives
Total 600,000

Future Year Costs (FY 2 to FY 5)
year 2 3 4 5
Operational costs 50,0000 50,0000 50,0000 50,000
Leaseholds improvements 11,500 9500 8450 5000
Totals 61,500 59.500 58,450 55,000

Total: 234,450
Grand Total for implementation of the project: 834,450
Measure of Success
The key success indicator will be an improvement in the quality of the delivery of medical services and the positive apprehension by the medical practitioners
Required Changes
A significant change that will be required is that the medical services such as nursing, prescription and patient care will be dependent on Information Technology systems. This will require medical practitioners to undertake additional computer classes in order to function effectively (Smith & Lynch, 2003).

Agency for Healthcare Research Quality. (2011). Agency for Healthcare Research Quality. Retrieved August 25, 2011, from https://allaplusessays.com/order
Smith, R., & Lynch, T. (2003). Public Budgeting in America. New York: Pearson/Prentice Hall.


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