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devry GSCM588 week 7 discussion dq 1 & dq 2

dq 1

Statistical Process Control (graded)

What is statistical process control? What does  statistical controlmean? What is the difference between capability and control? What is the difference between repeatability and reproducibility? Please provide examples for each.

dq 2

Problem Solving and Supplier Quality (graded)

How can a problem-solving model be used to guide the process of quality improvement in an organization’s product and services? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a problem-solving model (e.g., can problem-solving models slow down the problem-solving process)? Link your response to the need for suppliers to have a robust and effective problem-solving process.

dq 3

Cumulative Learning

This is a very important question for each student as he or she reflects on our learning during the course, because it factors into the upcoming Final Exam. Your answer should be two to three paragraphs long and demonstrate a holistic understanding of the course material.

Given our study of quality over the past 7 weeks, what value have you found relative to the study of quality? How have your views on quality developed over the course of our study? What have been the two outcomes from this course that you will be able to apply personally or professionally? Be sure to explain why.

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