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In recent years there has been an increase in the number of companies that have wrongly classified an employee as a contract worker. Consequently companies were taken to court by workers who believed they were entitled to certain rights and privileges enjoyed by individuals who were given â??employeeâ?? status.

What are some of the rights and privileges that are given to employees and not to contract workers?

What advantages do employers gain with contract workers over regular employees?

How could a contract worker prove to the courts that he or she is really an employee and was wrongly classified as a contract worker?

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Some of the rights and privileges that are given to employees and not to contract workers include the fact that employees are eligible for many benefits that contract workers are not eligible for. These benefits include health insurance, maternity leave, vacation time, etc. In addition, employees have the opportunity to advance within a given organization, which is basically an opportunity to gain access to much …

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