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First, write a paragraph on what the integrative relationship is between scope, statement of work, work breakdown structure, and work package?

Second, choose one of the scenarios below and determine your project scope, top 3 risks, and a WBS shown in a hierarchical graphical format in your planning efforts.

An initial response should be given by Thursday with responses/feedback to classmates by end of week on Sunday.

Scenario 1:

Company A has 500 employees and is about to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Though long in existence, the company is quite small and all its employees are located in the Seattle, WA area. You have been assigned as the project manager to plan a corporate picnic. The budget for the event cannot exceed $7000. I am your sponsor.

Scenario 2:

Your family is about to plan a big vacation. Mom can only take off for 8 business days. Dad says he wants to go to at least 2 locations of interest. Assume I (as the Mom) have the decision making powers.

Scenario 3:

Your family is about to celebrate a holiday in the middle of January with a backyard barbeque and invite all family and friends. However, you only have a budget of $200. Assume 1 (as the Mom) have the decision making powers.

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