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BUSI 642

In a research paper, provide researched rationale for the nature and substance of your 4 selected (Dress Code, HR Benefits, Harassment, Sick Leave Or you can choose any other topics), distinct policies. This paper is to be reflective of an academic research paper. The research paper must address the reasoning and/or rationale for the inclusion of the selected policy elements in a policy manual.

The selected policies must correctly address employment legislation pertinent to the stated size of the company (15–25 employees). In elaborating on the rationale, you may want to consider the following questions: Why should these elements be in a policy manual? What laws or principles mandate an organization follow these guidelines? What cases have established precedent for this issue to be addressed clearly in an organization’s employee policy manual?

Support your rationale with (at minimum) the 12 scholarly sources used in your annotated bibliography  in addition to the textbook and the Bible. Remember, government websites and previous/current court cases are useful  but will not be included in the scholarly reference requirement.

The paper must be at least 2,200 words, in addition to the cover page, the abstract, and the references page. It must be written in current APA format. Papers submitted with less than the minimum word count will not receive full credit in this area of the grading rubric.

Following are some examples of HR policy topics. These are only examples. You may identify/select other topics that would be relevant and appropriate for a general employee policy manual/handbook.

· Dress Code

· Technology Use

· Code of Conduct

· Confidentiality

· Harassment

· Benefits (This can be more specific to areas such as paid time off, health care benefits, and so forth.)

· Training Opportunities/Expectations

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