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Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

Nursing turnover and shortage has become a major issue affecting nurses in their duty of providing care to patients. The shortage of nurses does have significant unfavorable effects such as decreased access to care, decreased job satisfaction and increased rate of turnover. This paper presents the issue on the nursing shortage and turnover among nurses. It will particularly show what I expect managers and nursing leadership to deal with this problem. The rationales of these expectations are based on principles, theories, roles and skills of leaders versus managers.

Nursing shortage

Nursing shortage has mainly been contributed by the increased number of retiring registered nurses that are higher than individuals joining the nursing profession from colleges. There is also a rising population of the ageing people who need nursing care among other medical services. Those nurses aged below thirty years are few as shown by Huber (2010). He shows that, between 1980 and 2004, the percentage of below the age of 30, drastically dropped from 25% to 8% (Huber, 2010, p 575). More than half of the register nurses are expected to be more than fifty years by 2015 (Huber, 2010, p 574). Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

In order to deal with this high rate of shortage among nurses, it is essential for nurse managers to provide relocation coverage and bonuses to nurses willing to relocate. More than 1/3 of the nursing professionals are soon to be more than fifty years of age. This relates to the average age expected of a nurse to work a fulltime job of 49 years (Force, 2005). Nurse Managers have the challenges of restricting their models of patient care services by ensuring that they provide the necessary support for older nursing staff in their practice. Furthermore, nurse managers have to be concerned with the aged nurses since nursing is a physically demanding job. The nurse managers have to develop new technologies that translate to effective practice. The managers can help older nurses by providing them with flexibility of their schedules, sabbaticals, and time off work. Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

Nurse Managers also have a role in retaining employees. This is through offering meaning, feedback and recognition and a chance to feel that their work is valuable and valued. Managers will be required to build the intrinsic motivation of nurses. Managers will also be responsible in communicating the organizational culture of respecting and valuing the nursing caregivers. In order to ensure high and positive performance, the nurse managers will be responsible in formulating Human Resource policies that among other things touch on benefits and wages and issues on flexibility and . The policies also have to be on aspects like career ladders and training, realistic job previews and scheduling among tough. The nurse managers have to be effective and thoughtful and provide motivational care practices and work organization. Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

The nurse managers role involves being responsible for the daily operations of organizations and are perceived as the glue that hold the hospital together (Rondeau, Williams, & Wagar, 2009). They are held accountable for all the management aspects of a nursing unit. The behavior of nurse managers does promote a positive attitude and perception towards the organization and enhances their commitments, satisfaction, and their intent to stay. Nurse Managers do have a vital role in and reducing work stress. They have to define roles, maintain a positive working environment and provide support. Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

The role of nurse leaders, on the other hand, is to provide a positive environment and the existence of a desirable workplace. They ensure that nursing practice is provided in an effective, efficient and safe manner. The people are viewed as the organizational capital and the greatest aspect of the firm. The nurse leaders are responsible for taking care of the human capital or the employees. Nurse leaders do have a major impact in nurse job retention and satisfaction (Rosseter, 2012). Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over,

Leadership behavior mainly on their concern towards staff as well as the way they value the input of the staff members does have a direct impact to staff retention. The staf……..

Nursing shortage and nurse turn-over ESSAY
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