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Your HR project to develop a centralized model of delivering HR services has progressed through very critical stages of the project thus far. It is now time to present actionable, decision-making information to project leaders. This can be best accomplished when projects have been successfully managed, devoid of any major risks, and have been properly closed out and finalized.

Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:

  1. Explain what it means to successfully direct and manage project work and identify and discuss 3-4 strategies you might use to manage and sustain progress in your HR project. Be specific.
  2. Identify and discuss a minimum of 3 strategies that could be used to address and resolve any risks within the control of the project. HINT: See Exhibit 14.5 in the textbook. Is any one of the strategies you selected more important than the others? Why?
  3. Describe 2-3 actions a project manager may take as they begin to close out the project. Be sure to justify using the actions you discuss.
  4. Review Project Management in Action: The Power of Lessons Learned(pages 518-520 in the textbook) and provide an overview to the project team on the significance of the information. Be specific.
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