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Nursing Students Conception of Clinical Skills Training Before and After First Clinical Placement

‘Struksnes, S. and Engelien, R. (2016). Nursing students’ conception of clinical skills training before and after their first clinical placement: A quantitative, evaluative study. Nurse Education in Practice, 16(1), pp.125-132. [Case Study]
Research Question
The study aims at making a comparison between the intellectual and practical abilities of nursing students after training and after clinical placement. In particular, the task was to administer a sponge bath to a bedridden patient. The training mimics the actual experiences that a student nurse should expect to encounter during their clinical placement.
One of the independent variables is the students’ level of study: all are the first year Bachelor of Nursing degree students. It is expected that all are equipped with the same degree of classroom knowledge. Also, the students had prior knowledge of the sponge bath exercise since they had participated in it.
The control variable is the clinical practice since it is not changed throughout the exercise. Those that had failed the training were not allowed to participate in the second round of data collection.
The scores on the questionnaires are dependent on whether or not the students had undertaken the simulation training exercise before embarking on the clinical practice. These scores are derived from their genuine responses.
Sampling Method
Stratified sampling is used in this case with the target group being Bachelor of Nursing degree students. Within the group, they are categorized further as full-time students and part-time students. From full-time and part-time students, only those tha…
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