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Objectives:Define elder abuse.Describe physical signs of abuse.Describe emotional signs of abuse. Warning signs of elderly abuse (what to watch for) Physical:Bruising, pressure marks, broken bones, burnsBruising around breasts or genital area can be from sexual abuseBedsores, poor hygiene, unintended weight loss Emotional:Changed behavior such as belittling, threats, and other uses of power Strained relationships with friends and familyFrequent arguments between the caregiver and the elderly person       Elderly Abuse What is it? Elderly abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult. This can be categorized into the following: Physical– force that results in bodily harm, pain, and/or impairment. This may include assault, battery, and inappropriate restraint. Sexual– A non-consensual act of sexual contact with an elderly person. Emotional– occurs when an elderly patient experiences trauma after being abused. Examples may be embarrassment or humiliation. Abandonment– when an elder in deserted by their caregiver or any other person who’s responsibility is to watch over the elder. Neglect– is failure of an elderly patients caregiver to provide the essentials for life                        ( (food, water, shelter)     Contact Us Phone: [Telephone]
Email: [Email address]
Web: [Web address] (Food, water, shelter), healthcare, and protection.   Exploitation– an action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their resources. Taking pills, money, or other assets.    
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                     Why are the elderly easy targets for abuse?

  • People over the age of 50 control 70% of

the worlds wealth

  • Many seniors do  not know the value of

their property and other assets

  • Disabilities make them have to depend on

others for care and support

  • Easy to predict due to predetermined

schedules and payment

  • Technology advancements make it hard for

elderly patients to keep track of bills and


  • Many abusers believe that fragile, weak  

victims will not be alive to pursue legal

actions against them

  • Those with severe impairments are less

likely to take action against their abuser

because of illness or to avoid embarrassment

  • The majority of seniors are unsophisticated

about financial matters

Where to find help?

Counseling:help overcome trauma, resolve    

conflicts, asses options, plan for their safety.                            Any elderly person who feels as if they are being                          

Educate about resources, Co-dependency,                                 abused can call this hotline for further assistance

And breaking through denial and shame.                                   From trained professionals. They will understand

Legal Assistance:provided by private attorneys,                   your given situation and give you the best advice.

bar associations, and legal aid programs.

Used to recover assets or property, annulments

of bogus marriages, prosecution of offenders, and

obtain restitution.


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  Trends in Elderly AbuseStatistically, elders with disabilities report being abused more often than those who do not have a mental or physical disabilityResearch also shows that patients with dementia have a greater risk of being abused than elders without dementiaThe amount of reported elderly abuse cases has been increasing yearly, which is good and bad…Good because people are starting to recognize the warning signs and cues of elderly abuseBad because the amount of elderly abuse cases are also increasing                               Who are the culprits? Family membersSons, daughters, grandchildren, and even spouses are to blameAlso, friends conspire to abuse their elderly  acquaintances CaregiversNursing home staff, physicians, and nurses StrangersMany associated just for financial exploitationThey earn the trust of the elderly person and wreak havoc on their financial records  Many of these perpetrators have alcohol and substance abuse problems and exploit the elderly for money or their medications.     “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”                      -Gandhi                   Who is at risk of elderly abuse?The following characteristics increase an individual’s risk of abuse: LonelinessIsolationBeing wealthySuffering a recent lossPhysical and/or mental disabilitiesFamily members with alcohol or drug abuses problemsBeing unaware of finances                                
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