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My company for this paper is WalMart:

Prepare four (4) new entries for your annotated bibliography. Two entries should concern the key systems of your organization, two should provide information about the style of your organization. These sources will serve as the basis of your case analysis for this module In choosing key systems, determine which systems are most important and focus on them.

The following will also be specifically assessed:

Your ability to clearly communicate your understanding of the concepts (i.e., clouding, etc.)
Your ability to link the concepts to the issues of privacy, transparency and reliability.

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Lecavaluer, J. (2010, May 24). All those Numbers: Logistics, Territory and Wal-Mart. The Design Observer Group. Retrieved from https://allaplusessays.com/order

This article analyses Wal-Mart’s logistical systems that have made the company a paragon in the global commercial landscape and across various business territories. In the article, Lecavaluer shows how Wal-Mart relies on a multilayered distribution and logistics systems to reduce costs of its operations. Wal-Mart keeps track of every customers purchases storing this information in its data centers and using this information to monitor consumer behavior and in effect develop efficient predictive purchasing and distribution models. This data is transmitted via Wal-Mart’s intra-net, RetailLink and its large satellite network.

The company also has a Universal Product Code system that has been adopted by its suppliers that tracks the depletion and repletion of products in its shelves. This has strengthened Wal-Mart’s logistics and has allowed the companies to ensure inventory costs are reduced to almost none and the consumption of energy by the company is kept at the lowest possible levels. It also allows Wal-Mart to communicate quickly, directly and efficiently with its suppliers. Wal-Mart has developed a global data base with lifecycle information for all its products and using …

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