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NUTR 221 Evaluation of a Fad Diet (40 pts)

The Obesity crisis in the US has created a huge industry related to weight loss. Strategies and “solutions” range from commercial weight loss programs, any type of weight loss diets, diet pills and dietary supplements to the more invasive bariatric surgery.

Part 1 Select one “fad weight loss diet” and use the following criteria to evaluate the diet.

1) List the name of the fad weight loss diet you selected and why you chose to analyze that particular fad diet. (3 pts)

2) A fad diet limits food selection to a few food groups or promotes specific “rules” related to eating times or food combinations.

a. Does this diet have a specific menu or list of foods to include or avoid? Provide an overview of the diet’s food choices. (3 pts)

a. Are there any specific “rules” that must be followed while on the diet? If so, give examples. This could include # of meals, time to eat, foods to avoid. (3 pts)

3) A fad diet promotes rapid weight loss of more than 1-2 lbs./week and is generally less than 1200 kcals per day.

b. Are you able to determine the estimated kcals per day? If not able to determine what do you think the number of Kcals would be? (2 pts)

4) A fad often promises that you will not need to do any exercise in order to lose weight.

a. Does the diet mention the need to exercise as part of the diet plan? Explain why is it important to commit to physical activity while dieting? (2 pts)

5) Some fad diets require that you purchase special foods, weight loss patches, expensive supplements or other products.

a. Does this diet require or recommend the purchase of any of these items? If so, what is the cost of these additional items? Provide examples. (3pts)

6) Many fad diets do not recommend making changes in activity or eating habits (behavior modification) or may recommend an eating pattern that is unrealistic or offers no other support beyond a book on the diet.

7) Most fad diets are not based on science or may claim to have a scientific discovery that appears to be based on research. Others are based on anecdotal reports from celebrities or weight loss “experts”.

a.) Does the diet make any claims of a scientific breakthrough or use spokespersons that promote the diet? Explain. (3 pts)

, , and . (6 pts)

a. Summarize the article or website’s analysis of the fad diet and provide a citation (APA).

Part II Another viewpoint is that it may be better for individuals to focus on healthy behaviors rather than continually going on a diet and regaining weight. This is considered the “non-dieting” approach to achieving a health weight.

Go to  to learn more about the Health at Every Size movement and how it might be relevant to individuals struggling with body acceptance or an eating disorder.

a. Discuss what you think the impact would be if we were to focus on healthy behaviors instead of weight loss “solutions”? (5 pts)

Part III Self-Reflection

1) How has this assignment helped you to develop  critical thinking skills in evaluating weight loss diets or changed your perspective on dieting? Provide two examples and explain how each has changed your viewpoint. (5pts)

Complete the answers on this worksheet, convert the file to a PDF and submit to the D2L Assignment folder. If you do not submit as a PDF, you will lose 2 pts on the assignment.

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