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Consider, for example, a 76-year-old man who has a hemorrhagic stroke What services will he need through the duration of his recovery experience? Where will he receive care? How will he pay for the services he needs?

Describe one organization/agency (give a name of agency) that would be involved in care delivery for your hypothetical patient. Provide specific details related to:
The geographic location in which it is located
The primary diagnosis of your hypothetical patient
Types of patients typically treated at this facility
Payment sources the organization accepts
Performance improvement efforts
Briefly identify other organizations/agencies with which your selected organization is likely to coordinate in order to provide optimal care.

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Sorry. Forgot to include the first part-

The patient would need diagnostic tests to locate the cause of hemorrhagic stroke. Thereafter he would need immediate admission to ICU where he would be monitored for blood pressure, breathing, seizures, swellings, etc. A surgery may be necessary to save patients life or improve chances of recovery. Type of surgery depends on cause of bleeding.

Geographic Location
The patient is located in Georgia, Atlanta and would be treated at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta.
Primary diagnosis
CT scan of brain would be the most important test to confirm brain hemorrhage. La

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