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-i need someone to  complete my research with references as Harvard style with (0) plagiarism in Turnitin so please be carefule and do not check it in Turnitin  i have guidelines to go through it and examples with use Quantitative methods. provide enough. 

you can modify the previously written part

 – i have only 4 hrs i need someone to finish it early with 3 to 4 hrs 

Also be sure that you are make all this with the same arrange :

Chapter 1
Sub title 1
Sub title 2
Sub title 3 or 4
Signeficant or Justification of the study.
Research Questions
Chapter 2
.Sampling and population
.Data collection
.Ethical considetion
.Pilot study
.Validity & Reliability.
.Data Analysis
.Procedure of the main study
Chapter 3
.Time scale
.Expected Outcome
Appendes  includes  (Consent . Participants  Leaflet.

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