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Workplace incivility is a prevalent issue that remains unresolved in the healthcare field. According to a survey conducted by the Joint Commission, “more than 50% of nurses are victims of disruptive behaviors including incivility and bullying, and more than 90% of nurses stated witnessing abusive behaviors of others in the workplace” (Clark, Olender, Cardoni, and Kenski, 2011). Incivility is defined and differentiated from bullying by Heather Spence in one study published by the Journal of Nursing Administration as “low-intensity rude or disrespectful behaviors with an ambiguous intent to harm others”, where-as bullying is more prolonged in duration, involves predominantly intense psychological mistreatment, and is intentional in it’s victim (Laschinger, 2014). Looking back on the history of the nursing profession and the nursing culture one can identify several themes that may contribute to this type of behavior; staffing is commonly hierarchical in terms of how long nurses have worked at a certain place, there is often a generational divide between older experienced nurses and younger newly educated nurses, and lastly the inter-professional dynamic between nurses and physicians can rift. It is well documented that these components directly correlate to nurse and patient outcomes (Laschinger 2014). Acts of incivility have been shown to affect nurses in various ways which include, but are not limited to job dissatisfaction, increased rates of turnover, psychological distress, increased stress levels, and poor patient outcomes (Clark, Olender, Cardoni, and Kenski, 2011). The rationale for bettering patient outcomes by decreasing workplace incivility is in the nature of the healthcare environment and it’s members. In a report by the Institute of Medicine it is emphasized that “A positive patient safety culture is characterized by
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mutual respect among healthcare professionals such that individuals feel free to voice concerns or seek help regarding patient safety concerns without fear of retribution” (Laschinger, 2014). These criteria are in large part related to nurse-assessed quality of care, and the research shows that the nurses’ own rating of quality of care quite accurately predict 30-day patient outcome (Laschinger, 2014). It is imperative that nurses as a community uphold their standards of care for themselves, each other, and their patients, and ending workplace incivility completely is a crucial part of achieving this end goal. Abbey: Discuss interventions and techniques to address incivility amongst employees in the workplace to ensure that nurses’ physical and psychological safety are maintained. The physical and psychological safety of nurses are paramount in the healthcare setting. Within settings of conflict and incivility, there must be measures implemented to uphold this safety an

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