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Most of the patient registration staff at the Pediatric Community Care Center is minority (Black, Hispanic, and Asian). The majority of the medical staff is nonminority (white). There have been some minor conflicts believed to be racially motivated. If not resolved soon, it is believed that major conflicts will result.

You recognize the importance of taking proactive action to address these issues. However, you do not want to overreact and cause unnecessary problems. Develop an action plan for the clinical director’s approval that will improve racial relations at this location.

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// As we are aware of the fact that for thousands of years, racial conflicts had been very much a part of human history and have brought out the ugliest side of human nature. The paper deals with developing an action plan for improving the conflicts arising due to racial matters.//

Racial conflict is both inevitable and a natural consequence of human interaction. Most racial conflicts are the result of reasons that may not, at first, be noticeable to the persons involved. These conflicts can be the result of misunderstandings, unmet …

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