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Complete individual assignments of case analysis for the case of McDonald’s. Submit case analyses on Blackboard (Bb) in the SafeAssign Drop Box. (Double digit percent plagiarism will not be accepted and case will be graded as a “zero.”) Grades will appear in Bb with grading comments shown within each case.

McDonalds Case Tips/Directions

For this week’s individual case assignment, I ask that everyone first read the preceding  in the text entitled  ‘How To Conduct a Case Analysis’.  If this is your first exposure to working with analyzing a business case, it can seem daunting.  However, I plan to role this out with you in conjunction with our progress with the text.  For example, we will take an incremental building block approach.

Use the format posted in the announcement section (nine sections) of the course.  Include all detailed information for sections  1 through 5.  Based on section 5, you will have your focus for section 6.

Key e To Be Addressed:As you will see in the case, many changes have occurred in the marketplace for McDonalds.  For any company with longevity, this is often the case.  Any company which does not make the effort to formally question/examine itself (as you will do in section 6), can quickly find it is  meeting the needs of market that either no longer exists or is no longer strategic.  With that in mind,  answer the following in your analysis:

  • What are McDonalds’  stated target markets?
  • Can they be addressed with a consistent  single strategy?
  • Which, if any, of these target markets are  key to future growth?
  • What  courses of action would you explore?

Be precise; support your reasoning for each question.

For  section 6, I want your analysis portion of the case to focus on what is covered in this unit’s reading:

  1. External Analysis
    1. Choose an appropriate model/approach from the following
      1. PESTEL (cover all 6 factors)
      2. The Five Forces Model (cover all 5 forces)
    2. In addition, address:
      1. Ease of entry
      2. Exit Barriers
  2. Internal Analysis
    1. Discuss Core Competencies
    2. Resource-Based View
    3. VRIO Framework

Complete the remaining sections as required in the course template.

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