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Discuss or share any problems that you faced in accessing or using the Academic Computing Environment and the Java Development Environment.

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Discuss or share any problems that you faced in accessing or using the Academic Computing Environment and the Java Development Environment. Also include your solutions and how you found them.

Accessing and using the Academic computing environment had several problems. First, I had to gain access to a user-id. After that, I got a password and felt that I would have access to the Academic computing environment but this was not the case. I had to get separate passwords for the academic library, the student information and to the programming environment. Every time I had to call on the systems administrator to overcome the problem. It would be easy if an integrated access system was created so that with one login a person can access all relevant areas.

There were some problems faced by in using the Java Development Environment. I had some difficulty in getting the Java plug-in. The solution was that I had to contact the …

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