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For your Final Paper, you are challenged to reflect on the key concepts covered in this course, and to utilize those concepts to analyze a holistic approach to successful aging.

Throughout this course, we have discussed a variety of ways to enhance the quality of life for older adults and prevent the onset of chronic and acute disease. Drawing from those discussions and assignments, you will be creating a paper that analyzes what you believe to be a holistic approach to healthy aging. This paper should be comprehensive and demonstrate the interconnectedness of the elements discussed in this course (e.g., theory, medical care, nutrition/activity, health promotion). Also within your paper, you will need to address the following elements in general as well as in context with your analysis of healthy aging:

In your introduction, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. briefly describe your approach to healthy aging and any association components you believe are necessary for such an approach (e.g., services, promotion, or other strategies discussed in this course).

Examine healthy aging with respect to life expectancy.

Analyze the physiology and psychology of aging in general and how they relate to the components you stated in the introduction of this paper (from number one above).

Discuss the factors that influence healthy aging and life expectancy.

Assess the theories of aging and which one best aligns with your approach and associated components.

Describe health promotion and disease prevention strategies for healthy aging. Illustrate the strategy of your approach for successful aging, and outline how it would be an improvement over existing strategies.

Analyze medical care and mental health services for older people. Explain how these may or may not apply to your approach to healthy aging and/or individual components.

Analyze the future directions of aging and the care of the older population and offer recommendations for improving healthy aging and explain how they would be applied to your approach.

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