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Post your thorough and complete answers to Scenario 1 and eitherScenario 2 or Scenario 3. Provide the scenario numbers in your answer.

Set 1

Your U.S. hometown is considering building a new public airport in an effort to attract industry and jobs to the area. You have been hired as a consultant on the project. In preparation for a city council meeting on the project, where the concerned public will be in attendance, you are instructed to prepare answers to the following questions:

  1. Is any federal money available to help with the costs of the project? If so, describe.
  2. How can we control aircraft noise at the airport?
  3. How can we prevent developers from building tall structures that could obstruct the airport’s approaches?
  4. How can we prevent developers from building homes and other noise-sensitive projects where aircraft noise will be loud?
  5. Can we regulate what kinds of aircraft and aviation activities use the airport? Explain.

Set 2

You are a consultant to a U.S. county that is planning to build a new general aviation airport capable of accommodating business jets in a sparsely-populated area that is now used entirely for agriculture. Airport planners have projected the surface noise impact of the airport and overlaid the FAA obstruction clearance requirements for the approaches to each of the airport’s runways.

  1. Identify which land, if any, you recommend the county purchase outright, explaining why.
  2. Identify what areas, if any, you recommend the county impose land use zoning to preclude noise-sensitive uses, explaining why.
  3. Identify what areas, if any, you recommend the county impose height zoning, explaining why.

Set 3

For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

  • Select a civil airport, then
  • Describe what actions have been taken by government to:
    • Protect the airspace needed for safe aircraft arrivals and departures from obstruction by obstacles.
    • Assure that uses of the land surrounding the airport are compatible with aircraft noise.
    • Establish runway-use preferences and approach and departure routes to minimize noise impacts to surrounding areas.
    • Identify the legal powers used by government to accomplish each of those actions.
    • Provide images that illustrate the airport and surrounding areas affected by the actions described above.
    • Identify current airport noise and safety issues that remain of concern to the community and current activity underway to address those .
  • Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.
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