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1. Pain can be classified according to duration, location and site of referral. Describe thoroughly one type of pain and the possible effects or consequences associated with it.

2. Establish the differences between a migraine and a headache.

3. Mrs. Smith had her left leg amputated 2 days ago. She just called the nurse and explained that she does not understand how come she is experiencing pain and heaviness at the leg that has been amputated since it is no longer there. As the nurse, what would you tell Mrs. Smith to explain thoroughly the type of pain that she is experiencing?

4. Describe multiple sclerosis, its clinical manifestations and its diagnosis.

5. Establish the difference between hypoxic and ischemic injury. Give an example for each.

6. Is there any difference between REM and NREM sleep? If so, what are they?

7. What is the difference between a subdural and epidural hematoma?

8.Mr. Leon went to his eye doctor. Upon arrival, his blood pressure was 192/110. He had been diagnosed with a form of glaucoma that is characterized by an abnormal increase in intraocular pressure that occurs without obstruction at the iridocorneal angle. Which type of glaucoma is Mr. Leon experiencing and what could be the causes? Which other questions would the nurse ask Mr. Leon when completing his assessment? .

9. Give the four areas of the nervous system required for the coordination of muscle movement .

10. How is immunity transferred from mother to infant?


1.Follow APA guidelines (space, cover page, citations, etc…)

2. Each question needs to be answered thoroughly with citations from your book, or other sources) No Wikipedia

3. 10 points are allowed for each question when all areas are covered. Deductions will be made accordingly .


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