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Option A:  Pick something (other than sexual labor) that could be commodified, but should not be, and explain your analysis with reference to the arguments discussed in class and the readings.

Option B:  Pick something (other than sexual labor) that others have argued should not be commodified, and explain why its commodification is not morally objectionable


  1. A good paper should competently apply to the chosen commodity the relevant arguments presented in the readings and in class. Choice matters: if there is no serious debate about a thing’s commodifiability, it’s probably a bad choice for your paper.  Stolen cars for instance: nobody thinks there should be a market in those.  This is a philosophy paper: the emphasis should be on analysis of the moral arguments, not on sociological research or predicting practical consequences.  To the extent that practical consequences matter, simply postulate what those will be and then explore the  implications for the moral arguments you are examining. 
  2. Outside sources may be used but are not expected and are not guaranteed any sort of bonus.  Of course, if outside sources are used, they should be cited.  Outside sources may LOSE points if misused, i.e. if they detract from the clarity of the analysis or waste space with superfluous data. 
  3. A good paper will have a clear thesis statement (this term will be explained in class) in an introductory paragraph, which should be either the first or second paragraph of the paper.  A good paper will be competently organized, clearly written, and proofread to avoid errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax.  Citations should exist where appropriate, using MLA style.  
  4. Give the paper a title.  A good title will give the reader a clear idea of what the paper will be about.  A title like “Commodifiability” is too vague for this purpose.  
  5. The paper should be submitted as a Word, Pages or PDF file.  Please use 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman typeface.  Number each page.  You may put the title at the top of the first page, but subsequent pages should not have a heading, just text.  The length of a good paper will be controlled by the detail of its analysis and mastery of the readings, but as a rule of thumb an adequate paper will be no shorter than six pages.  
  6. The paper should be submitted to Canvas by 11:59 p.m. on the due date as a Word, Pages, or PDF file.   Late papers submitted without a prior excuse, absent truly compelling circumstances, will lose half a letter grade per day.
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