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We are creating a PR campaign overview for the introduction of a new COKE product. We need to explain the role and functions of PR and express how PR is integral to the organization’s marketing mix. I need to briefly cover the strategy and control roles/functions. I only need 500 words total and need help understanding what elements I need to highlight:

To Cover:

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PR strategy and control functions are important in evaluating and creating a viable campaign. Strategy includes target markets, target products, assessing needs, assessing wants/desires, and addressing potential problems in the market including but not limited to competition, substitution, desirable product, packaging, placement, and pricing. The control functions of responsibility, training, job descriptions, and evaluation are a few of the areas to be considered.

The most important part of the market strategy is to find and focus on the target market(s). Some products will do well in a range of markets, others will do much better in one or some markets. …

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