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Interview information and Protocol

-Explain that you are in an Advanced Composition class at TCC and that you’re required to do this assignment.

-Select a person who already works in your intended career choice and select a day, time, and place to interview her/him.

-You are required to obtain a valid email address for your interviewee so that the professor may confirm the actual interview. Your grade will not be posted until your interview is confirmed. It’s incumbent upon you to select a professional who will release their email address and whom is very responsive to communication. If she/he won’t, it’s your responsibility to select another person for the interview. The professor WILL NOT release the professional’s email address.

-Only ask the bottom questions. DO NOT add your own, unless they naturally emerge!

-Be sure to thank the person for the interview. You may elect to send a handwritten thank-you card! J

Interview Questions


How many years have you been working in this field?

Where are you currently employed and how long have you worked there?

What lead you to enter this field (childhood experience, saw something on TV, something you read, etc.)?

Describe a typical day at your place of employment?

Is your occupation what you expected (salary, benefits, co-workers, management, environment)?

Name some perks/incentives that are accompanied with your profession?

What specific challenges have you faced as a result of working in this field?

How have you managed to balance your personal and professional life?

Do you see yourself retiring in this field? Why or why not?

What three pieces of advice would you offer to someone considering this field?

Did your collegiate courses adequately prepare you for this field? How or why not?(This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! J)

Thinking back, would you choose this field again? Why or why not?

To what professional organizations do you belong and how do they assist with your work? (This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! J)

To what professional periodicals do you subscribe and how do they assist with your work? (This one is VERY IMPORTANT to me! J)

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