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Scripps health.

Unit 9 Assignment Unit outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:

 ● Compare the four major ethical principles.  ● Analyze the relationship of these principles to current healthcare issues.  ● Examine the influence of individual ethics on professional decision making.  ● Examine the law and ethics of labor relations.  ● Evaluate ethical issues related to resource allocation.

Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:

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HA499-1: Knowledge Base: Demonstrate a sound foundational knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice in healthcare regarding administration, management, law, economics and policy.

GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of

original materials in Standard American English.

HA499 Capstone Project

NOTE: The Capstone Project will begin in Unit 2 and will be submitted in sections. Instructors will provide feedback along the way. The final completed project will be submitted in Unit 9, and the Unit 9 final report is the GEL-1.1 Assignment.


The purpose of the Capstone Project is for you to show your understanding of the course materials and your ability to communicate at the college level. For your Capstone Project, you will be performing research on a real-life healthcare organization. Drawing upon your learning in previous courses, you will be asked to analyze various facets and provide a detailed picture of the organization.

As you compile the information, consider what value each process adds to the company and how quality improvements might improve outcomes.

Compose your report using Standard American English as described in the APA guidelines available at Kaplan University Writing Center. You need to follow formal APA formatting and citation style for the project and include a title page and a reference page. Make sure you cite your resources in the text and on the reference page using proper APA formatting and citation style. The citations and references should match.

Your instructor will make suggestions for improvement and provide follow-up needed for Sections 1 and 2. It is your responsibility to incorporate instructor feedback into the final presentation in order to achieve full credit.

Unit 9 Assignment (This is the GEL-1.1 Assignment)

Capstone Project — Section 3

Write a conclusion for your paper and combine all the sections into a project paper.

Impact of economic and outside influences to the organization • National and world economy impact • Explanation of the sustainability of this organizational care model • Healthcare reform • Regulations • Summarize the info regarding organization. • Provide a glimpse into the future for the organization based on your learning. • Combine all parts into a narrative, using APA formatting and citation style.

This narrative report is essentially a detailed, comprehensive assessment of your capstone experience. Please combine Sections 1, 2, and 3 in this submission and be sure to complete any improvements that were indicated by your instructor.

You will need to cite at least 12 references in the complete report. Prepare this Assignment according to APA formatting and citation style.

Section 3 should contain a conclusion that is to be 1600-2000 words in length and in APA format. Please submit your work (Sections 1–3) as a complete report of your Capstone Project. Label each section (Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3). Submit the final document to the Unit 9 Dropbox for grading.


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