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For this assignment, you should perform some research into genetically modified foods. Search the internet for news stories and other information for and against GMO food. Visit your local supermarket or local health food store, and find foods that are genetically modified.

Assignment Requirements: It is required that you re-write each question and then provide your response to all of the questions asked. Your paper should be written in APA style, and your questions and response should be a minimum of one page in length (not including the title page and reference page). It is required that you use at least one source for this assignment. The textbook or other reputable news articles, organization websites, or scholarly articles can be used.

GMO Assignment Questions:

1. Were you able to find foods that were genetically modified at the store?

2. How do you know, as a consumer, if you are eating engineered foods? Is it clearly marked which items contain GMOs?

3. Does it matter? Should GMOs be labeled?

4. Why is there a debate over genetically modified foods?

5. What is your position on GMOs? Do you feel GMOs are safe or not safe to eat? Should they be banned?

6. Should there be laws governing the production or labeling of GMOs?

7. Do you feel we need GMOs to “feed the world?”

Note: If you are unable to visit a store, you may browse online food shopping sites for the shopping field study part of the assignment.

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