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Discuss the at LEAST 3 cases in the Module and some recent cases that involve pretrial publicity. You should mention the general ways that researchers study the effects of pretrial publicity. (check your text for clarification) What are the effects of pretrial publicity on jurors? Discuss both specific pretrial publicity and generic prejudice in your answer. What impact did pretrial publicity have on the cases as they proceeded? OJ, Oklahoma Bombing, Sam Sheppard, Martin/Zimmerman, Brock Turner is post conviction publicity.)etc. You may also mention cases that you have followed recently. (I am sure that you will be respectful and professional if you choose to discuss something controversial from the recent news or current events.. Do not go to just one source for info. and DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO WILL NOT LET YOU SEE THE WHOLE VIDEO) BTW, one of my areas of interest are policing and use of force and self-defense.

Discussion 14

?1. There is a lot of debate about sentencing, leniency and judicial discretion. Who should decide sentences? a judge (the way things are generally done now) or should the legislature have control through sentencing guidelines and minimum sentences/mandatory sentences, Etc.? How is Brock Turner’s case relevant to this discussion? Who has the insight and is in a better position to make decisions about sentencing and WHY? What should people consider when deciding on a sentence? What do you think about “mandatory minimum” Sentences and sentencing guidelines? Based upon your readings,  Do you think that they help the system function? or slow things down? This is a time to show everyone what you have learned and what you think about the system.

2. Look at your state’s Sex Offender Registry Board. Can you observe or view registered sex offenders close to your house? If you live on campus, look at your childhood home or an area where you work.Discuss what you find and what YOU think about it. Have you looked at the Registry before this? If so why? if not, why not? And do you feel safer or more secure knowing what you now know about sex offenders in your area. And what are your thoughts on the film and how it relates to the chapter and Module. BTW, the film is very favorable to Sex Offenders and is a quite biased. Many sex offenders are very violent and dangerous men who have done horrible things to people. and the only thing keeping them from re-offending is the threat of jail. Many have been convicted of molesting children using force, violence or  (more often) manipulation without physical force.  Keep in mind the victims when you consider this topic.

Discussion 15

Part 1. Describe Bourgon and Armstrong’s (2005) study investigating how much treatment is needed to reduce criminal reoffending. What are the implications for their results? What steps or programs would you recommend if you were a consulting psychologist and why?

Part 2. Based on the readings and materials in this module give some examples of what works to reduce reoffending/recidivism rates in juvenile offenders and what works with adult offenders? Why do you thing that these approaches work compared with other past efforts? What steps or programs would you recommend if you were a consulting psychologist and why?

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