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BUS 620 Strategic Topic Week 5 – Strategic What are three types of opportunities for sharing a sound basis for diversification or vertical integration? Give an example of each from companies you have read and or researched.Opportunities Three types of opportunities for sharing a sound basis for diversification or vertical integration are backward vertical integration, forward vertical integration, and disintermediation. Increasingly more companies are beginning to utilize the vertical integration strategies because itextends the company’s competitive advantage and operating scope (Gamble, Thompson, & Peteraf, 2017). Opportunities for sharing in vertical integration also relates to marketing, operating, and management related. Vertical Integration focuses on expanding a company’s rangeof value chain activities back into sources of supply or forward into end users. There are some disadvantages to vertical integration such as increase in risk. However, there are a few companiesthat prove there is opportunity within vertical integration. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


PUB 5301 Research Method Unit 6 assignment

Chronic disease is a serious problem in the United States. More people than ever
are being diagnosed with a chronic disease. In our current society, chronic diseases are
affecting people of different ages, races, and income levels. As of today, the increasing
number of chronic disease has become a huge burden on our health system and also a
great effect on our economy.
(University of Colorado, 2009)
More than 133 million US citizens have one or more chronic diseases. This
number is almost half of the people living in the US, with the entire population of 350
million people. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the United
States. Most talk about chronic disease is heart disease, cancer, diabetes and lung disease
are some of the most common conditions. (University of Colorado, 2009)
Chronic disease affects each person with different directions. Some chronic
diseases are disabling or require major changes in the patient’s lifestyle. Others are
managed over the very long period of time.
Majority, a chronic illness affects all aspects
of a person’s life. This can include physical and mental health, family relationship, social
life, finances and employment. Chronic diseases can also shorten a human’s life if the
disease is not diagnosed and treated properly. (CDC, 2015)
Let’s see the cost amount of chronic illness impact………………..

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