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Answer the following three questions in a scholarly manner (seven – ten sentences) per question (in separate paragraphs). Restate and number each question before responding. Your introductions and responses to at least two peers, on their introductions, are to be posted by  11:59 PM EST, Thursday.  (review course instructions for requirements before posting). 

You are expected to respond to at least two peers. It is acceptable to combine responses into one scholarly paragraph (ten – twelve sentences)when responding to peers. Please state the names of peers before responding

If you do not have the text chapters one and two can be viewed in “Doc Sharing.”

1. What, if anything, should be done with our current system of welfare (support structures for individuals)?.

2. What are your logical reasons for taking the position that you do?

3. How would we assess “deservingness” for some kind of social “safety net” such as the one provided by our welfare system (or by some other system if you choose that position)?  

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