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Essay #1: 2-3 pages – write a well-developed  descriptive essay on one of the following topics:

  • ·         Your personal experience of racism
  • ·         An event that changed your worldview
  • ·         Your first day at primary school/in junior high/on your first job
  • ·         Your first rock concert/opera/play
  • ·         An interesting person who influenced your worldview
  • ·         A visit to a theme park, such as Disneyland
  • Your first date

Essay #2: 2-3 pages write a well-developed  process analysis essay on one of the following topics:

4  Describe and analyze steps toward increased self-esteem.

4  Explain how to find employment after college graduation.

4  Explain how to select and care for adopted shelter pets.

4  Explain how to write a résumé or college application essay.

4  Explain how to prepare a favorite dish.

Essay #3: 2-3 pages write a well-developed  comparison-contrast essay on one of the following topics:

4  Research and compare two online games.

4  Compare/contrast two computer programs.

4  Determine the best deal between two different computers.

4  Compare/contrast two business tactics.

4  Compare/contrast shopping online with traditional shopping.

4  Compare/contrast two music groups or two teams.

Essay #3: 2-3 pages write a well-developed a rgument essay on one of the following topics:

4  Do corporations have a social responsibility beyond just obeying the law?

4  Privatization of government services

4  Minimum wage

4  National Healthcare

4  Workplace electronic surveillance and privacy issues

4  Distance education or traditional education

4  Internet privacy

4  PC or Mac

4  Should there be an Internet sales tax?

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