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Psychological Foundations of Leadership
July 20, 2015
In the world that we live in today, a leader must wear many hats. Furthermore, as leader, I
know that I must have the ability to connect with the diverse cultural background of those
in my workforces. Therefore, there is no one central “thing” in my leadership model role.
First, I am a Transformational Leader, whereas, not only is it important for me to maintain
a mentality that seeks the needs of my followers, but they are just as enthused to please me
as well (p. 78). Secondly, I think it is more important than anything to be an Ethical leader
( p. 23). Before I can ever have the respect of my followers I must have good moral ethics.
I believe this to be true and dear as one of the strongest traits to have. One thing I have
learned as a leader in the military, is that a person does not have to like you, and yet,
respect you, because of your morals. Therefore, as I grew in ranks and led others, I ensured
that decisions I made were always morally right. I will always maintain an integrity of
being honest, open to the opinions of others, I am known to be fair no matter who is
involved, I genuinely am concerned for others needs, and more importantly, my followers
know they can talk to me about anything, be it personal or work related, and it wouldn’t go
any further than the four walls that we were enclosed in. Finally, the central thing that I
have as a leader, is that I am a Multicultural leader (p. 36). Not only do I have the ability to
understand and work with people of different nationalities and ethnicities, but I have
mastered the skill of getting people of all different types of personalities to work well
together to achieve a common goal (Shriberg & Shriberg, 2011).
In my leadership model, the important traits are having the ability to communicate
effectively with each individual and identify their needs and satisfy them. Not only that,
the other central things that are and have become a part in my leadership model is loyalty
and determination, however, I stop to reevaluate a situation to see if it fits in the best
interest of not only the company, but the people as well. I am free-spirited, and I alw

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