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Why would restaurants find SaaS (Software as a Service – The Cloud) model very attractive for their purchasing/support services?

Please include at least 3 references.

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Restaurants find the Software as a Service model attractive for their purchasing and support services for two main reasons: cost and convenience. The Cloud allows multiple users to utilize the top software available at a more reasonable price, quickly, and securely. Procurement is one of the top uses for Software as a Service. This works well for restaurants in giving them the ability to find the Cloud service at a reasonable price and readily available to fit their needs. Support functions within a restaurant like payroll, accounting, tracking food inspections, and marketing would also be feasible uses for the Cloud. Having a Cloud based system can streamline recording government regulated information, allowing the information to be compiled, tracked, and monitored. Mirus, a leader in providing Software as a Service to restaurants is appealing to smaller companies who have low budgets for …

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