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1. Papers will be graded for organization and quality of writing, as well as content. Be as concise and precise as possible. Assume that your reader is conversant with the material under discussion. Fashion your own original argument. Don’t merely rehash the theorist’s views.

2. Thomas Jefferson once said that we must “follow truth wherever it may lead.”

Jefferson’s dictum was not, however, an invitation to stray far from the themes of the course. Remember that you are writing an essay for a course in contemporary

political theory. Situate your discussion and analysis within this framework.

3. Your first paragraph should state clearly the question or problem your essay

explores, and should at least hint at the conclusion you reach.A crisp thesis

statement is desirable. Good introductions – the most important part of any paper –

might employ a zinger quote, a provocative observation, a series of rhetorical

questions, or a shocking statistic. The important thing is immediately to engage the

reader’s interest.

4. Explain and analyze. There is room for opinion and speculation in your paper, but do not confuse it with evidence or argument. Stay focused. Don’t meander into some historical backwater irrelevant to your argument.

5. Good writing helps you express your ideas and advance your argument. Use

interesting, precise, active verbs. Avoid the verb “to be.”Give your essay a good

title. Insert subheadings in the text as “signposts” for the reader.

6. Stay close to the texts. Provide citations for all quoted and paraphrased material.

Use a consistent, recognized citation form. Either use footnotes, endnotes, or

parenthetical citations and a “References Cited” page.All direct quotes and specific

citations must provide a page number as well.

7. Proofread, proofread, proofread!!! Use spell-czech as well. Go to the Writing Center!

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