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Intellectual Disabilities

An important part of your job when working with children with intellectual disabilities is the ability to modify instruction in order to best meet their educational needs. Chapter 8 of our textbook offers many teaching ideas and strategies for meeting the academic and social needs of students with a variety of intellectual disabilities. For this discussion you will have the opportunity to put those ideas into practice.

Step One:You will research

Prader Willi Syndrome

Step Two:Choose one of the following grade levels

and one of the following academic skills. Then, find a lesson plan for

the grade level and academic skill you’ve chosen. Some lesson plan

resources are listed, but feel free to use other sources.

Grade Levels
Academic Skills
Lesson Plan Resources
(You may use another resource that is not listed)
Early Childhood

Step Three:Write a brief description of the

intellectual disability that you have been assigned including typical

classroom behaviors. Then, review the lesson plan you have chosen and

share at least two modifications you would make to the lesson plan in

order to better meet the academic needs of students with your assigned

intellectual disability. In addition, discuss at least two modifications

you would make to the lesson in order to include adaptive skills

(social and life skills) as a part of the lesson. Your modifications

should be supported by ideas from the text and one scholarly resource.

Make sure to include the original lesson plan as either a link or an

attachment in your initial post.

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