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Discussion prompt #1:

Read the following case study: An eleven-year-old boy witnessed his grandfather being badly hurt in a car accident while the family was vacationing in Mexico this past summer. After the child returns to the United States, he experiences difficulty in concentration, begins to fight with peers at school, has a diminished appetite, and refuses to ride in any car. His parents are unsure what to do at this point.

How would you gather more information about this young boy? Would you recommend the use of any formal assessments? If so, what instruments would you recommend?

Discussion Prompt #2:

Samantha is a 31-year-old female client, who also works as a mental health counselor in the community. Samantha reports that she works as a play therapist and that she recently lost a 7-year-old client, who died in an auto accident. After experiencing the loss of her client, Samantha has experienced anguish, sadness, and a loss of motivation to continue her work as a play therapist. She verbalizes that she feels “stuck” in the bereavement process, but that she is not interested in any “textbook” grief and loss work. She warns you, “Don’t even bring up Kubler-Ross!” She hints that she is well aware of all of the counseling models and tools. You decide to help her work through the bereavement process.

Describe how you might help Samantha engage in the grief work. Remember, she is a counselor and so she will not let you get away with textbook answers. Feel free to be creative.
pick one disscuision board post.
grief and loss chapter in counseling

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