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Assignment 2: Week 2 Practicum Journal: Safe Prescribing

There is probably no greater responsibility that the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner assumes than the responsibility of prescribing medications. While someone can be harmed by psychotherapy, the level and intensity of the harm generally does not come to the same level of harm that can occur from improper prescribing. The PMHNP must understand his/her responsibility both at a state and federal level when it comes to prescribing medications.

In this Practicum Journal Assignment, you will explore the legalities associated with prescribing controlled substances, as well as what a DEA number is, how to obtain one, and, most importantly, how to prescribe controlled substances in your state.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze roles of the Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Analyze PMHNP responsibilities when issued a DEA number
  • Analyze DEA number application procedures
  • Analyze state requirements for safe prescribing and prescription monitoring
  • Analyze PMHNP responsibilities for safe prescribing and prescription monitoring
  • Analyze Schedule II-V drug levels
  • ** Assigned in Week 2 and submitted in Week 4.
  • To prepare for this Practicum Journal:
  • Review the Learning Resources.
  • In 2-3 pages:
  • Describe the role of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as it pertains to the PMHNP.
  • Explain your responsibilities when having a DEA number.
  • Explain how you apply for a DEA number.
  • Explain your state’s requirements for a safe prescribing and prescription monitoring program. Texas
  • Explain your responsibility as a PMHNP to follow these requirements.
  • Provide an example of a drug you may prescribe from each of the Schedule II-V drug levels.
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