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1-2 Final Project: Problem Definition (Milestone One)

Consider a common behavioral challenge in your organization (can be workplace or home). If you could change one aspect within your organization to make it more successful, make your life better, or make the organization work better, what would it be? Be detailed in describing the current situation in your organization—what are the facts? Please DO NOT present solutions at this time. If you do, you will start to bias the solution with your existing mentality (like creating a box that limits your growth in wisdom). Consider multiple perspectives from various stakeholders. You can also obtain the “big” challenge from your management as well.

There is no word limit on this assignment, keep it short and simple. Make it meaningful. In other words, consider that the peers in your organization would also want to change this situation. This will set you up for your final Organizational Analysis and Design: resolving organizational issues through contextual design and providing a specific focus of knowledge application through this leadership ethics class.

Here are some questions to consider as you are working on your Problem Definition for your final project to be submitted in Module Ten:

  • What are the ethical bargains of your organization? What has been the impact?
  • Who are the stakeholders and what are their values?
  • What are some of the potential consequences or impacts of the change on the people involved?
  • How would you lead this process of change and what organizational change principles would you apply to assure that your organization welcomes the new change?
  • What is the awareness regarding the relationship between ethics and leadership within your organization?
  • What are leadership styles and social challenges in your organization?
  • What is the defined code of ethics within your organization?
  • Analyze how leadership style is affected by your organization’s code of ethics.
  • How does the external perspective of others concerning personal ethics challenge ethics within your organization?
  • Is there an impact of fear or impact of inspiration in your organization?
  • How would you propose your organization to shift toward an inspirational-based mentality?
  • What are the defined duties of the leaders in your organization?
  • Describe and analyze the existing ethical decision-making process in your .
  • Identify organizational culture and leadership in your organization from a values perspective.

This submission is for instructor feedback and is not graded separately. It will affect your project grade under the Milestone Submission critical element.

Submit your completed assignment to the link below.

Must be:

Aligned with rubric

At required length or longer

Written in American English at graduate level

Received on or before the deadline

Must pass turn it in

Written in APA with references

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