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This is an extended discussion (300–500 words) that will give you practice in creating a treatment plan for a client that requires collaboration and communication with an interdisciplinary team. Prepare your post after you have reviewed the assigned readings and multimedia presentation from your studies this unit, along with the ALGBTIC and ASERVIC Web sites in the Resources. These sites present competencies for counseling individuals similar to the client in the following case study:

Case Study

Jared, a client you treated two years ago for depression, presents in your office after being released from an inpatient alcohol treatment center. He states that he encountered problems after losing his job last year and was drinking heavily when he was home alone all day. After Jared fell and injured himself severely one day, his partner Kyle insisted that he go into inpatient treatment. Now Jared says he needs to see a counselor as part of his aftercare plan. Jared and Kyle have been partners for the past four years, and own their home together. Kyle is an active member of his church and has a job that provides income. Jared wants to return to being a contributing member of their family as well. He also wants to build new relationships and is considering joining a sobriety group at Kyle’s church, but he hesitates because he says he feels confused about his own spiritual beliefs. Jared says he wants to feel better about himself and his life; he wants to avoid slipping back into depression and using alcohol to feel better. It appears that Jared’s best chance at remaining sober is to receive comprehensive services.

In your post, address the following:

· Identify the mental health services such as inpatient, outpatient, partial treatment, aftercare, self-help, and social support that could be utilized as part of Jared’s comprehensive treatment plan.

· Describe the strategies you would use to facilitate the interagency or interorganizational collaboration and communications that will be necessary to coordinate Jared’s interdisciplinary treatment.

· Describe three counseling competencies that will guide you in sensitively working with Jared.

· Create a list of five local community resources that will be helpful for Jared in regaining wellness and maintaining his recovery. Describe how you will help Jared understand how these resources will be of benefit to him and how he can access these resources.

· Discuss the importance of family, social networks, and community resources in the treatment of Jared’s depression and alcohol addiction.

Support your ideas by citing readings and Web sites from this unit, using APA style.

Response Guidelines

Read the interdisciplinary treatment and resource plans created by your peers. Respond to at least two of your peers who included services or plans that differed from those you selected, responding first to learners with few or no replies to their post. Reflect on how you, as Jared’s counselor, could assist him in following through with a comprehensive treatment plan utilizing a variety of resources.


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· Competencies for Addressing Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling.

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