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The articles must be related to investments, so please avoid general news articles, political news, culture news, opinion pieces not related to finance, even news about particular companies or industries unless you can make an explicit connection to how the news affect investors. Suitable topics include financial markets, financial institutions, stocks, stock indexes, bonds, interest rates, inflation, mutual funds, ETFs, exchange rates, commodities, macroeconomic indicators, investor expectations, consumer confidence, IPOs, volatility. Use your best judgement in determining whether a particular article fits the scope of our class.

To begin, For each article that you review, you must write two paragraphs: a summary paragraph, and an analysis paragraph

For each reviewed article: 

· indicate article title and publication date. 

· In the summary paragraph, concisely provide the necessary background information and then summarize the main points that the author is making. 

· In the analysis paragraph, you can focus on a few of the following approaches: challenge the assumptions that the author is making, challenge the validity of the author’s conclusions, relate the author’s argument to the concepts learned in the class, generalize the conclusions of the author beyond the scope of the article, ask follow-up and what-if questions related to the article. As our course progresses, you are expected to increasingly link what you have read to the concepts we have covered in the class.

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