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2-1 Discussion: Process Improvement

Identify a problem that you have encountered in your workplace, in an organization you have been involved with, or in your personal experience.

Describe the basic approach that has been taken to solve the problem, and challenges that have prevented the problem from being permanently solved.

In your response posts, discuss how you think these challenges could be overcome.

To complete this assignment, review the  document.

I am working as a Quality Inspector in a manufacturing environment. We produce thousands of parts and release them in timely manner after all the inspections are approved. It used to be a small facility, but recently the volume of production has increased due to new orders from new customers.

The problem we had been facing recently was missing production bags during in process production release. It was not easy to trace out whether the production bags are physically existing or not until the work order is done. Sometimes we used to cancel the label, if production bags are not found. Even some of the bags are found later, but there is no way to accept those bags once it is cancelled which is waste of money.

Recently we have done a 5 why analysis to find out the reason behind this. We figured out the production bags are not organized according to the time when they placed on tier of each rack and racks are not in organized way either. This created lots of down time during product release and waste.

Finally, we came up with an idea to place the production bags on each tier from right to left according to time frame. We placed a card on each tier to write the time down for beginning and end and the quantity of production bags on each tier. We also started organizing those racks in first in first out basis.

Initially the challenge we faced was shortage of racks and space to keep the process smooth. However, optimizing the new process reduced the down time and waste. Even though we are still struggling due to lack of space, but we suggest a new packaging area to keep the process smooth and sustain it.

Feed back

Isabel Ellis

March 17 at 9:42 PM

Hello Rashel,
I have dealt with something similar to your post. My previous company would make packages of necessary items for installation of HVAC systems to new homes. In the beginning, we ran into issues of items not correctly being pulled correctly or just missing completely from packages. We started doing multiple check for each package that became more time consuming but the end result was packages shipping out correctly. Each package was signed off the packer, supervisor and manager in some cases. Eventfully the process was sped up and less mistakes were made.

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