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Question 5-8

5. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a written certification that a hazard assessment has been performed. However, there is no requirement for the hazard assessment itself to be in writing. Most professionals would suggest that written documentation of the actual assessment, although not literally required, would be a best practice. As a safety professional, please address your thoughts on written documentation of the hazard assessment. If OSHA audited you, how would you prove the assessment has been performed if you did not have anything in writing? What can you do to ensure you are in compliance?

Your journal entry must be at least 300 words. No references or citations are necessary.

6. Reflect on the hazard controls utilized in your workplace. Please provide specific examples of engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE). As your workplace safety manager, do you believe they are effective controls or does more need to be done? If you are not currently employed, your response can be based on a previous employer.

Your journal entry must be at least 250 words. No references or citations are necessary. 

7. Accidents on the job do not just happen. They are generally caused by the actions or inactions of one or more people. Imagine an employee falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his or her leg at your workplace. What could you formulate to be the basic, direct, and indirect cause of the incident? Was the floor wet or stairs dimly lit? As your company’s safety officer, what would you recommend as corrective actions in response to this incident? Would you feel your accident prevention training is adequate for your workplace?

Your journal entry must be at least 300 words. No references or citations are necessary

8. Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. How might the lessons you have learned positively impact your career success?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary. 

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