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Purpose of Assignment

This assignment is designed to identify how decisions impact a business. Corporations have an obligation to be ethical at all times. For this assignment; the student will identify potential ethical implications surrounding the decision, and how this may impact the decision-making process. From there, corporate social responsibility will be explained and how it can impact the outcome of decision-making for an organization.

Assignment Steps

Identify a business in your local community. This can be your current place of employment or a business with which you are familiar.

Develop a 1,050-word examination of the ethics and social responsibility practices within the organization.

Include the following in your examination:

Select a business decision within the organization.
Identify the potential ethical implications associated with this decision.
Determine the effect this may have on the decision making process.
Identify how the organization applies corporate social responsibility to the business.
Evaluate the influence that corporate social responsibility has on the organization.
Discuss the application of critical thinking to corporate social responsibility.

Format the assignment consistent with .

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment

Need a gragh and references

Essay Interdisciplinary Research Paper

Q1. We love to tell stories about the amazing feats of our athletes, but we are also fascinated by them as people. Aristotle discusses the need for a person to be complete. Another famous philosopher Charles Barkley (yes, I am kidding) once famously asserted that he should not have the responsibility of being a role model. Do we expect too much from athletes? How does our understanding of “off the field” life affect our view of athletic heroes on the field? As Joanna Weiss asserts, does hero worshopblind us?

Q2. The research paper is due by Sunday week 8 at 11:59 PM (ET).

This term, we have seen how sports stories can connect to historical moments and sociological concepts. Greek philosophical ideas help us understand the idea of the hero. The history of civil rights in the U.S. helps us understand the film 42.Gender issues surface in Dare to Dream.There is always a context for our stories. Sometimes it is spelled out in the story, and sometimes there are aspects that are not explicitly considered. For this assignment, you will be exploring an idea that reaches a sports story beyond the bounds of the details of the story. For example, the story of Cubs fan Steve Bartman says a great deal about fandom, about how fans affect how stories are told and remembered. A research paper placing that story in the context of the psychology of sports fans could have as a thesis something like: The hysteria found in the story of SteveBartman, the man who became the hated scapegoat for the loss by theChicagoCubs’ loss in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, can be explained through the psychology of sports team identification

A League of Their Ownis a film that uses sports to reveal how women’s societal roles were changing, in great part due to World War II. A paper using this context as the basis for the research paper would have a thesis something like: A League of Their Ownis much more than a movie about the first women’s professional baseball team; it also tells the story of the changing roles of women in US society during World War II.

For this assignment, you will need to select a work (either literature or a full length film) that is a sports story we will not be covering in class.Regardless of how you put the story in a social or historical context, you want to develop your own clear idea (thesis) and support it in a thorough essay. Secondary research is expected ( at least three reliable, credible, college-level sources documented correctly according to MLA format). The essay should be 3-5 pages, minimum. MLA must be used to format the essay and for documenting your sources. Remember the golden rule: “If you use a source (quote, paraphrase, or summarize), you must cite it in your essay and then provide the full citation in a Works Cited page.” Remember that MLA has changed its rules for documentation. You are responsible for the most current format as explained in the PowerPoint slides (Found in Syllabus and Course Info under Plagiarism) and on the Purdue OWL website. Link provided:  If you use formatting other than the current MLA format, deductions will result.

I recommend that you take advantage of the extensive databases our library offers. The library tab is available through jwulink. I also recommend that you utilize the expertise of Kellie Nappa, who is the writing specialist for the COE.

I have also attached the rubric for this assignment

  Levels of Achievement
Criteria Novice Competent Proficient
Intro and thesis 0 to 5 points

No Introduction and/or background information. No thesis. Thesis not related to or only slightly related to assignment. Unclear thesis.

6 to 10 points

Intro with adequate background info that leads into clear thesis related to assignment.

11 to 15 points

Provocative, clear introduction with all needed

background info. Leads smoothly into thesis that is well

reflective of assignment

Organization. Unity. Coherence 0 to 3 points

Logic of essay’s argument is difficult to follow.

4 to 6 points

Logic of essay’s argument, despite some minor inconsistencies, can be followed.

6 to 10 points

Logic of essay’s argument is very clear and easy to follow.

Support 0 to 15 points

Little or no evidence used to develop thesis. Evidence used is weak and/or irrelevant to point.

16 to 30 points

Adequate relevant evidence used to develop thesis.

31 to 35 points

Very strong relevant evidence used to develop thesis.

Conclusion 0 to 3 points

No conclusion or conclusion simply restates thesis.

4 to 6 points

Some insights offered in conclusion, but these are weak ans/or include new points

7 to 10 points

Conclusion offers new insights while not introducing

new points

Formatting 0 to 10 points

No or very incorrect MLA documentation..

11 to 15 points

MLA Documentation present in both par. documentation and a works cited page. These are mostly correct but there may be a few minor errors in format..

16 to 20 points

MLA format is correct and complete .

Grammar, usage, punctuation, etc 0 to 3 points

Paper has many errors in grammar, usage, punctuation, etc. causing major distractions to reader.

4 to 6 points

Paper has some minor errors in grammar, usage, punctuation, etc., and any resulting distraction to reader is also minor.

7 to 10 points

Paper may have some minor errors in grammar, usage,

punctuation, etc., but these do not distract reader.


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